MAPPING CHANGE: Relating Through Stories

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How are you developing yourself as anti-racist environmentalist? What action are you taking? How has that brought you new insight?
Black communities in the United States and around the world are challenging the grief and pain racism has brought them. This moment is informed by historical and present day injustice. Each of us can be part of the tide turning towards a more just and equal world. In what small ways are you contributing to the huge collective work of transforming the societies we are part of?

The system that is geared to deplete and destroy the planet is the same system oppressing and murdering Black people and other racialized communities, the same system that thrives on inequality. How do you see these injustices connect? Greenpeace believes that a green and peaceful planet is enabled by strong justice practices: climate justice, economic justice, gender justice and racial justice to name a few – this is the time to heal people and places. As we all work to become anti-racist in everything we do, how does it shape our environmentalism? Some of us are already carrying that work. Others are beginning. But the intersection between racial and environmental justice is on many of our minds today.

We would love to share your stories to inspire people like you around the world. Think how your story, together with stories of others, can help encourage others to reflect on their own small everyday actions to advance racial and environmental justice together.

The stories we seek and accept from all around the world will be housed on the Story website and illustrated on a map platform, a global representation of us in our world. A traditional map shows distance, this map will show the closeness of our world. Our map will be launching soon!

For the Story Map we will share short stories photography, video, audio, poems, and art. Any language is welcome. Just tell it in your own words. 

Final note: although we love your hot takes and think pieces, we are looking for stories. Stories that connect to the heart, as well as the mind. Stories about people, not just ideas. Stories that are personal, specific, and located in the world. 

As we grapple with global challenges, will you help us connect the dots? 

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